All paintings and the photart showned in the Portfolio are printed on high quality canvas.

The canvas will be fitted with a white frame.

What sizes are available?

Paintings and photoart can be ordered in sizes from 40 x 40 cm up to 100 x 100 cm. 

If you like to see the sizes in inches, please check the pricelist.

Would you prefer a specific size? Please contact us and we will do our outmost best to assist you. 

Will the printed painting be signed and numbered?

The printed painting will be signed and numbered by the artist and a certificate will be attached on the backside of the print.

How many copies of each painting are available?

Each painting (and photoart) is printed in a maximum of 10 copies apart from Limited Works that are only printed in 1 (one) copy (and the buyer/owner will recieve the original).

How many copies is left to buy?

Under each and every painting in the Portfolio it is stated how many copies that has been sold. 

For example: 5 of 10 means that 5 are sold and there is 5 left to buy.


The deliverytime is estimated to be between 4-8 weeks.

How do I order?

At the moment, orders can only be placed by email or phone. See Contact information.


The expenses of delivery will be added to the order.

How do I pay?

Payment should be done in advance to bankaccount. When order is beeing placed all information about bankaccount will be given. 

The payment shall clearly state who has done the payment  +  the number of the painting. 

Ex: Lisa Andersson. Painting number M7